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Family with Tablet

Our Story

I started this business because as a mother of 4 very active children, I found that there was just simply not enough time in the day. I would pick each of my children up from different schools at different times, followed by having to find a suitable snack to hold them over until dinner. I would then have to take them to tutoring, to ensure they maintained good grades in school. After tutoring, I would rush to try to get them to either cheerleading or basketball or even wrestling practice on time. This left me with barely enough time or energy to prepare dinner, get my children back home, showered, and ready for bed. I knew that if there were parents out there having as hard of a time as I was, that something needed to done. Today we have children from all over the community, including my own children, who have succeeded in the college level and beyond, not only as athletes but as intellectual members of society.

Elizabeth Marsh


For the Parents

We understand how difficult it can be to find enough time in the day to hurry home from work, help the kids with homework, take them to their extracurricular sports and other activities, and still have any personal time for yourself. JAMS Childcare and Athletics takes care of all of that, making life that much easier for you.


Our Mission is to bridge the gap between childcare and extracurricular activities. To provide guidance and teach life lessons to kids across the nation. To provide a place where kids can have fun while learning. A place where parents can feel reassured that their kids are safe and learning useful skills.

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